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Drug & Alcohol Assessments

Option #1 Informal Substance Use Assessment

Informal substance use assessments are typically requested by individuals who are exploring the possibility he or she may have a substance use problem before it becomes a more serious.  This type of assessment is completely voluntary and its purpose and scope is for your information only.  Results from this assessment will not be shared with any third party unless I am given specific signed consent to consent to share your information.

  • $250 (1 x 60 minute assessment & 1 x 30 minute follow up appointment to discuss findings)
  • Option #2: Formal Substance Use Assessment

    Typically, formal drug and alcohol assessments are completed in two phases.  The difference between this type of assessment and informal assessment (Option #1) is that formal assessments include a formal written report that is shared if the assessment is: 1) mandated and/or; 2) you wish to share your findings from the written report with a third party (such as an employer, insurance company or; family doctor).


    Phase 1: Addiction Assessment:

    The purpose of an addiction assessments is to determine: a) whether an addiction is present; b) the extent of the addiction; c) whether there are co-occurring conditions and; d) recommendations for an appropriate treatment plan. 

    • $300.00 (1 x 75 minute assessment & written report)

    Phase 2: Follow-up Rehabilitation Assessment:

    The purpose of a follow-up assessment to determine the impact of treatment.  Specific weight and focus relies on the success in developing the necessary skill during set to manage cravings and triggers and, readiness to return to work and/or other important life roles.

    • $200.00 (1 x 60 minute assessment & written report)

    *note: a follow-up assessment is not available if initial addiction assessment was completed by a different assessor.

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    Preliminary Neuropsychological Assessment




    Traumatic brain injury, disease and normal developmental aging can cause subtle changes in brain functioning such as loss of memory, attention, focus, speed and creativity.  Results from a preliminary assessment will determine whether further assessment is required with a neuropsychologist.

    • $600.00 (1 x 90 minute session, 1 x 60 minute follow up session & written report)

    *additional fees ($150 per hour) necessary when collecting data from collateral sources

    Dissociative Experiences Assessment




    Traumatic experiences can result in a wide variety of experiences including mild detachment from one’s surroundings to more severe detachment from both physical and emotional experiences.  These types of symptoms can be confusing and can have a substantial and, detrimental effect on one’s personal and occupational functioning. 

    • $900.00 (1x 60 minute interview & 1 x 90 minute s assessment & 1 x 120 minute follow up session to discuss interpretation and findings. If a written report is needed, additional fees will be charged at $150 per hour).

    Accepted payments for services include:

    Payment for services are is due at the beginning of each session.

    1. 1. Cash
    2. 2. Personal Cheque payable to: Nexus Counselling Services
    3. 3. e-transfer to: candace.marshall.clients@gmail.com (must be received prior to your scheduled appointment time)


    Extended Mental Health Insurance

    Please note that note that it is the client's responsibility to ensure services with Candace are covered by their extended health providers. Candace is registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (Registration #12031) and holds the designation of CCC. Reimbursement for services through extended health insurance is the responsibility of the client. Receipts for services are issued electronically via email after each individual session. Extended health providers that accept CCC designated clinicians include: Green Shield, Blue Cross (in some regions) and Equitable Life.


    Cancellation Policy

    Nexus Counselling Services has a strict 24 hours' notice cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hour of your appointment time, you will be billed for the entire session. Please note that should you try to cancel your appointment online with less than 24 hours' notice, the system will not allow you to cancel your appointment.

    When you book an appointment, that time is reserved specifically for you which means Candace is not available to see other clients. While there is a host of valid reasons for cancelling an appointment and to be fair to every client, cancellation fees will only be waived in the event of a medical emergency requiring urgent professional treatment, a death in the family, a natural disaster or, extreme weather conditions.